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"Superior Performance"



Alex T. Abraham was born on April 22, 1956 in Baltimore, MD to Thomas and Lora Mae Abraham. He has lived and worked in Harford County his whole life.


Alex got started in bowling when he joined an intramural high school league that was at Be1 Air Bowl. The instructor for that High School League was John McCutcheon. Alex remembers John telling him that he could be good at bowling.


From there he joined the junior league at Harford Lanes where he became good friends with Mark Moscato. It was that friendship that brought him into the family of Harford Lanes. He started working as a pin setter and hanging out there all the time, practicing as much as he could. As soon as he got out of the Junior league, he bowled in the Bill Snavely Scratch League and the Harford Memorial Hospital League. Before long, Alex was bowling 3 and 4 nights a week, consistently averaging over 200.


 Alex has three 300 games (one in the Harford Invitational) and hundreds of 700 series with his highest of 782. He was a member of the PBA for a number of years.


His State Association, Local Association the other titles include:

1985 Men's Team Scratch (with B. Marshall 111, B. Marshall IV, M.Lastowski, E. Davis Jr.)
1997 Men's Team Scratch (with B. Marshall IV, T. Moor, J. Barton, JW Walker
1997-98 Mixed Team Scratch (with V. Marshall, P. Jones, S. Finley)
1999 Mixed Team Handicap (with V. Marshall, P. Jones, S. Finley)

Cecil Harford County Bowling Assoc.
1982 Men's Team Scratch (with B. Marshall III, B. Marshall IV, M. Lastowski, E.Davis, 11.)
1986 Men's Doubles Scratch (with M. Letscher)
2001 Men's Team Scratch(with V Marshall, P.Jones, M. Moscato, S. Finely)

2001 Men's All Events Scratch ZiM1 Mixed Team Handicap (with V.Marshall, P.Jones, S. Tarbert)
*Team Set Association Hdcp Record with 2792 total pins 3332 Men's Doubles Scratch (with S. Finley)


Other Titles:

1977 Pittsburgh Sunshine Singles Classic Tournament (Scratch Division Champion)
1984 Harford Lanes Invitational Championship
Cecil-Harford County Bowling Association 700 Club Title (Harford Lanes)

2003 Maryland State Bowling Tournament (2nd place All Events Hdcp.)

Member of CHCBA 5 man league play Single Game Scratch Record(2000- 2001)in Bill Snavely Scratch League with 1306 (V.Marshall233, A. Abraham 289,M. Moscato 258,P. Jones 290. S. Finley 236)

Other numerous 2nd place finishes in County Association and other Tournament Championships.

The Association Tournament at Elkton in 2001 stands out to Alex because despite the very demanding conditions. He won the scratch team and scratch all-events title that year. It was also the first association team scratch that women bowled on the team -Valerie Marshall and Pam Jones, along with Mark Moscato and Steve Finley.

Alex's other interests,hunting waterfowl and training his beloved Labrador Retrievers for field trials, have taken him away from bowling at the level he used to participate. The lack of bowling and practice haven't seemed to hurt him much. Alex likes to think it was all those years of practicing (sometimes over 100 games a week), that are keeping him going now, Alex is currently bowling in the Thursday Night Unwanted at Forest Hill Lanes, averaging 216 and the Bill Snavely Scratch League at Harford Lanes, averaging 212. He has supported local bowling efforts through his sponsorship of many teams and several individuals over the years.

For his outstanding accomplishments in Ten Pin Bowling, we are proud to honor Alex Abraham with induction into the Cecil-Harford County Bowling Association Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

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