Cecil Harford USBC Association

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"Superior Performance"




Carl R. (Mick) Barlow, Jr. started bowling at age 16 with his Mom and Dad. The year was 1964. He quickly became proficient in the sport of bowling.
In the 70's he began averaging in the 200's. In I974 he was accepted as a member of the Professional Bowlers Association, one of the first in this area to be so honored.

He has two sanctioned 300games and a High Series of 810. His high game in the series was a 299. This series was bowled in an era when 7004 were scarce and stood as the house record for many years. He also has the first 300 game on record bowled in a Cecil-ha ford Counties Bowling Association Tournament.

He has rolled several 299 games and numerous 700 sets. His High Average of 212 was in the 1974, and he is presently averaging in the 204 in three leagues. He is always under the watchful eye of his coach, his Dad.

He has bowled innumerous National, State and local ABC Tournaments, and also participated in many PBA Regional and House Tournaments.
He bowls in as many as three Leagues each season and is always well respected, not only for his bowling ability but his sportsmanship. He is forever assisting others in their game whenever called upon to do so. His knowledge of the sport is always prevalent. Regardless of where he bowls or the outcome, he knows only to adjust, not complain.

Mick has also been involved with Youth Leagues, Scouting Programs and the In-School Learn to Bowl Program.

Mick was hired at Bel Air Bowl in 1972 as a mechanic and is now Manager of the center. Mick, his wife Sue, and son Billy, live in Bel Air. Sue and Billy are also avid bowlers, as is the entire Barlow family.

For his outstanding achievements in the game of American Ten Pins, the Cecil-Harford Counties Bowling Association is pleased to induct Mick Barlow into its Hall of Fame.