"Meritorious Service"





Betty Bucchi has been a member of the HarfordCounty Women's Bowling Association since its Founding year, serving on the board as Director for 15 years and Treasurer from 1990 to the present time. Bowling more than twenty years in the Annual Local Tournament she has also been part of numerous tournament committees. 

Chairing no less than 10 various committees on the Board of Directors, Betty's work has been vital to the well being of our Association. She was also among those who specified the criteria for the HCWBA Hall of Fame inductees and was responsible for the formula used in the annual
selection of the HCWBA "Secretary of the Year". Her work as Chairman of the Historical Committee is ongoing and immeasurable.


The Harford County 500 Club member selected Betty Secretary/Treasurer for 14years until she stepped down from that
position in 1992. Serving as Editor of the Pin Dust publication for the past 12 years has kept her at the hub of what's happening for the Harford County women bowlers.
On the State level Betty has represented the Harford County Women's Bowling Association as a Delegate to the Maryland State Women's Bowling Association Annual Meeting for 8 years. The MSWBA bestowed the honor of Member Emeritus to Betty in 1992) recognizing her dedication as Director for five years and as 3rd Vice President for four years while simultaneously acting as Editor of the MSWBA newsletter
for 8 years.
Elected as a Delegate to the WIBC National Convention, Betty represented the Harford County Women's Bowling Association four years. Currently Betty is a member of the National Women Bowling Writers, Inc. and the Maryland Women Bowling Writers, Inc. Her national writing awards include five 1st Place and one 2ndPlacefor local publication of the Pin Dust Newsletter. In 1990 she was awarded 1st Place for the
MSWBA History Book and in 1991 the Maryland Women Bowling Writers) Inc. awarded her 2nd Place for local publication.
Betty has dedicated the past thirty six years to the game of bowling, not only as a participant but as a promoter. Betty Bucchi is an ardent worker who has expended endless lime and effort toward the growth and welfare of the bowling game.