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"Superior Performance"






Charles W. Tillman III was born in Baltimore, MD on August 12, 1960.  As he is better known, Chuck resides with his family at his childhood home in White Hall, MD.   There he shares his life with Laurie and together they have 5 children between them.  There are her two children Kaitlyn (25) and Samantha (22) and his three children Katherine (22), Emma (19) and Chaz (17).  He is the son of Pete and Nancy Tillman and also has two brothers, Chris and Michael.  Chuck’s initial recollection of bowling was that of rolling a bowling ball when he was 4 or 5 years old when he had come to watch his father bowl.  After the league was over his dad let him come up on the approach and roll the ball between his legs down the lane.  He recalls the feeling that pins seemed to be as tall as he was.  Little did he know that the experience that evening would far be his last with the sport of tenpin bowling. Chuck started bowling a few years later, but not in youth leagues like normal kids. 


 Living out in the country it was too far to the nearest bowling center and there was only one family car which was used by his parents for work.  The limitation never permitted the involvement in youth leagues but instead he and his brothers created what they called “hall-bowling”.  Using wooden pins carved as different soldiers and other pins made out of plastic, they would bowl matches against each other.  Most of their “hall-bowling” occurred during Saturdays while the PBA was on the television (usually during commercial breaks).  Hours were spent trying to emulate the pros both left and right handed alike.


It wasn’t until his junior year in college when he took a bowling class did Chuck finally get the real feeling for bowling as more than just a game.  During high school he went to bowl recreationally, but it was a college class that allowed him to bring out his hidden desire and passion for the game.  After taking the class his mind was set and he joined a league the next semester.  Using his Aunt’s bowling ball, he ended the league with a 163 average which was good enough to be high for the league winning his first award.  That Christmas, Santa brought him his own bowling ball and he has been completing his collection of new and used bowling balls ever since. 


Chuck continued bowling after college at Fair Lanes Timonium. During the summers he bowled with his high school friends but that just was not enough so he started bowling the winter season first joining the Spouse and Mouse League.  It was in that league where he shot his first 700 series and perhaps luckily having his ability noticed enough as he was asked to join the prestigious Fair Lanes Classic League in Towson the following season.  His first season there he finished with a 201 average.  In his 30 years of competitive bowling, he has had only one season where he had any league average below 200 (not including sport leagues).  Ironically, that season came when he worked as an Asst. Manager for what was then Fair Lanes (Pikesville) which was eventually purchased by AMF, Inc.

He continued to bowl more and more, bowling 4 leagues a week and practicing on Saturdays.  Although talent is always an integral necessity, he understood that to progress and become a better bowler he needed more help.  So, after asking at the center, he found just the man - Bernie Smith.  He credits Bernie for a great deal of his success as he taught him not only about what to do on the lanes but what to do off the lanes as well.  How to stay focused and keep the emotions in check.  Bernie also had a philosophy of working within one’s ability and honing those skills permitting the bowler to be unique yet effective.


Along with Bernie’s help, Chuck has had and continues to have the opportunity to bowl with and compete against other bowlers who would become teammates and friends.  Individuals such as Larry Detweiler, Tom Jackson, his teammates on Chesapeake Logos, Leave It To Bever and the PUP List Vets have been around to be a part of many great wins and a few not-so great moments.  They have made him better and pushed him to always do his best on the lanes.  Having a number of titles with each of these bowlers, as well as the amount of time they spend together, their friendship has become more like a family than just teammates. It also helps when most of these individuals are already Hall of Fame members.


His accomplishments are as follows:


·   Team USA Finalist -1996

·   World Team Challenge Champion – Second Chance Tournament – 1999

·   Maryland Open Champion – 2003

·   Maryland Amateur Champion – 1999, 2000, 2003  - Runner-Up – 1996, 2001

·   Maryland State Champion – 1996, 2002 (all events), 2005 (team), 2007 (team)

·   13 Greater Baltimore Bowling Association Tournament Titles

·     3 Greater Baltimore Bowling Association  700 Club Titles

·     7 Cecil-Harford Counties Bowling Association Tournament Titles

·   11 Cecil-Harford Counties Bowling Association 700 Club Titles – Life Member

·     4 Glenn E. Bair Tournament Titles

·   Various other Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania tournament wins

·   ABC High Score Award Recipient – Team – Single Game Score - 1991

·   USBC High Score Award Recipient – Team – Single Game Score - 2006

·    Former GBBA record holder – Team

·    First bowler in GBBA history to roll 4 300’s in 4 different centers in one season

·    Inducted Greater Baltimore BA Hall of Fame – 2005 – Superior Performance

·    Inducted Maryland State USBC Association  Hall of Fame – 2009 – Superior Performance


53 – Career 300’s  ( 1 Baker 300)          20 – Career 800’s

Since beginning bowling, Chuck has participated in various singles, doubles and team tournaments statewide including the Maryland State B.A., Greater Baltimore B.A. and the Cecil-Harford USBC.  Additionally he has bowled in other tournaments across the country and is readily anticipating competing in this year’s United States Bowling Congress’ National Tournament for his 25st consecutive year. 


Chuck moved to Harford County in 1993 and started bowling within the association soon after.  He began to recognize the effort the association members showed regarding the sport of bowling so much so he became a board member.  He currently is Vice-President and participates in several committees.  Since 2005, he (along with Steve Tarbert and Laurie) has run the 700 Club and have made a commitment to promote competitive bowling in the Association as best they can.


When not on the lanes, he enjoys playing golf and watching NASCAR.  His greatest pleasure although has been his ability to be an integral part of the children’s lives as not only a father but as a coach.  Chuck readily enjoys watching Laurie, Kaitlyn and Sam bowl whenever he can and is quite proud of his son who recently was part of the winning team in the association youth tournament.


Therefore, for his overall performance in the sport of tenpin bowling, the Cecil Harford County USBC Bowling Association welcomes Charles W. Tillman III into its Hall of Fame in the Superior Performance category.