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"Superior Performance"




William H. Kichline Jr.(Bill) first threw a bowling ball in an old eight-lane house in Washington, NJ in the middle forties. He would bowl "splits" with the other pin boys. If you threw at a split, you had to make it, if you didn't you went back in the pits and set pins until the next man missed. The next time Bill bowled was on the NROTC intramural team in college. The other players in the league were a little provoked at the left-hander who threw a straight ball from the comer and outscored the hook bowlers.

After college Bill continued bowling in Morris County New Jersey, bowling pot games with the Italians at Hopatcong Lanes in the 50's. This was an expensive learning experience for him. The cost was $l a game, with the lower half bowlers paying for the top half's games. Bill was eager to improve his game so he asked Vince Lucci Sr. for help. Vince taught him how to curve a bowling ball and his game improved. During the late 50's and early 60' Bill was able to average around 189, leading the high average categories at Creamo's Bowling Lanes in several leagues for several years.


 As a result, Bill was invited to join the Moms County. NJ Traveling League where his success continued. Wanting to teach what he learned and with additional help from Vince, Bill became a bowling instructor at Creamo's.

In the mid 1960's, Bill applied for a position at APG as AMCCOM Liaison Officer for the Federal Government. Bill was among 97 applicants Bill was appointed to the position and transferred to APG in 1966. He bowled at APG Lanes before coming to Harford Lanes in 1968. While bowling at Harford Lanes. Bill had the pleasure of learning more about the game from two members of the CHCBA Hall of Fame Tony Moscato and Bob Marshall Sr. Under their tutelage, Bill continued to improve his game and his dedication to the sport grew.

In 1973 Bill won 5 titles at the Cecil-Harford County Men's Bowling Association Tournament at Harford Lanes. Bill won the All Events Handicap (2029) and Scratch (1975), Singles, Doubles (with Papa Joe Cuifo) and Team Scratch. During 1973 Bill joined the PBA. He was a member for 3 years, and enjoyed being coached by Andy Varipapa.

Bill took a six-year hiatus from the sport and upon his return (much to his surprise). he had to “learn" to bowl again. Bob Marshall, Jr. started giving him tips to get him back in the groove and Mike Lastowski educated him on the more modern techniques and equipment in the game.

In 2001 Bill was a member of the GBBA Team Handicap Champion and in 2003 he was a member of the CHCBA Team Scratch Champion. Bill also won the GBBA Senior Tournament twice, once in 2000 and again in 2003. His 4 game total of 926 was high for all tournament divisions.

In 2002 Bill became the only male bowler to win the Senior Invitational and the Regular Invitational in the same year at Harford Lanes.

Bill has won several GBBA 700 Club Singles Titles

Bill has two 300 games, first one in 1983 at Elk Lane and second one in 2001 at Forest Hill Lanes.

Bill also has one 299 and two 297.

Bill's first 700 set was a 716 in 1976 at Perry Halls Lanes. He has a career high of 749.

Bill's highest average was 208.

Bill was a director on the Cecil-Harford County Men's Bowling Association for 6 years. He loves the game of bowling and enjoys helping others. Bill has given his time to teach the younger bowlers. Bill coached at Bel Air Bowl and APG Lanes. Some of Bill's students included Marty Lecher, Gary Vernon and Scott Gorsuch.
Bill retired from the Government in 1989. He has devoted most of his time to the study of and practice of bowling.

"I will continue to bowl as long as I am able," he has said. We hope he does.

For his accomplishments in the game of bowling, we arc proud to honor William H. Kichline Jr. with induction into the CHCBA Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.