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"Superior Performance"


H. Richard Bucey was born May 15, 1942 in Allegany, Maryland to Betty Marie Chaney and Edward Lewis Bucey.  At two (2) or three (3) years of age, Rich encountered a life altering event.  He pulled a boiling pot of beans off the front burner of the stove and was scalded.  This resulted in many years of surgeries and skin graftings.  Shortly after this event, his parents divorced.  His mother moved to Baltimore to find employment.  Rich grew up with his maternal grandparents who owned farmland in Flintstone, MD.  He enjoyed years of exploring the western Maryland streams, rivers and mountains. 


At sixteen (16) years of age, Rich’s grandparents sent him to live with his mother, stepfather and two (2) year old step sister on Curley Street in Baltimore, MD.  Finding himself unable to adjust to city life, Rich on two (2) separate occasions set out on the adventures of his life. He “hitchhiked” around the United States stopping in many locations to work for food and shelter.  He has many fascinating, exciting and dangerous memories of the experiences.


In the mid sixties Rich’s family moved to Arizona Avenue in Cedonia, Maryland.  Rich and his friend, John Scarpula, decided to go bowling one day.  Rich was hooked.  The right hander began bowling left handed due to the scars and weakness in his right arm from the burns.  Rich remembers posting a 128 average for his first year league average.  He wanted nothing more than to improve and master the game of bowling.  His motto became practice, practice and more practice.  He bowled morning, noon and nights while working rotating shifts at Armco Steel Inc. for nineteen and a half years.    At Armco Rich worked his way up the ranks from laborer, junior moldman, moldman, ladleman and teamer.  Rich worked on the continuous caster when Armco computerized operations. When not working, Rich could be found at a local bowling center. 


In 1993, Armco Steel closed its Baltimore plant.  Rich received continuing education and training through Maryland Employment.  He received his GED in 1993 and his Maryland commercial driving license in 1994. Rich has held driving positions in various industries.  In 2011 he suffered a stroke and thus was forced to surrender his commercial driver’s license.  After a total right knee replacement in 2013 and health challenging rehab, Rich became a Walmart associate.  . 


Over the years Rich has worked almost every position in a bowling center.  His bowling average steadily improved as he learned all aspects of the game.  Rich began competitive bowling in tournaments whenever he was sponsored.  During competition at one of the tournaments covered by the Baltimore Sun, a spectator approached Rich.  It was there that he first remembers meeting his father.  His father had seen the Baltimore Sun newspaper articles and began to follow his progress on the lanes.


Rich has one son, Christopher Richard Bucey. Rich remarried in 1981. He stopped bowling between the years of 1981 to 1993. 


After moving to Forest Hill, MD in 1993, Rich happened to meet Bob and Laura Thomas in a store.  Bob asked Rich and Laura asked Michele to join their teams at Bel Air Bowl.  Rich was hooked on bowling again.


Therefore, in recognition of his outstanding achievements, the Cecil Harford USBC BA is proud and honored to welcome Richard Bucey to the Hall of Fame in the Superior Performance category.





·         High Average of  235 (2000-1)

·         800 series - Twelve (12)

·         300 games - Twenty-eight (28)



·         2006 PBA South Region Fort Belvoir Senior Open Champion


·         2009 TNBA Jerry Dawson Memorial Singles Scratch Champion


Maryland State:

·         Maryland State USBC Association Hall of Fame (2010 Superior Performance)


·         Team USA – Maryland State Champion (After missing 8 frames of  1st game on 2nd day of competition


·         1997-Maryland State Annual Championship All Event Handicap


·         2005, 2007, 2008- Pennsylvania State Bowling Association Senior Tournament


·         Maryland State Senior Olympics:

3 Single Event Gold Medals

2 Doubles Event Gold Medals,

 1 Mixed Doubles Event Gold Medal

 1 Silver Medal




·         Greater Baltimore USBC BA Hall of Fame (2011 – Superior Performance)


·         Greater Baltimore Bowling Association Championship (1970-71)  

Team Scratch Champion (1971-72) Wrong Siders held record of 3134 (1972-84)


·         1999 Greater Baltimore Bowling Association Championship All Events Scratch


·         Greater Baltimore Bowling Association Seniors Champion (2004/2005-6/2006-7)Class C (60-64)


·         Cecil Harford Bowling Association Annual Mixed Tournament (1999-2000)

·         Doubles Scratch Champion - Michele Bucey               


·         York-Adams USBC  (2006)

Senior Tournament Singles Class B (744)

All Events Scratch Champion

Singles Scratch Champion

Singles Handicap Champion


·         Professional Bowling Association Member from 2006 to 2014


·         1964 Bowl America Topper Classic Men’s Handicap & Scratch


·         1965 -66 Greater Baltimore Bowling Association first association 200 yearbook average posted


·         Greater Baltimore Bowling Association Triple Crown Awards (multiple years and leagues)


·         Cecil Harford 700 Club Life Member with 5 titles including 2 Tournament of Champion titles (2003&2004)


·         North Chesapeake Region Senior Olympics (1997- 2001)

5 Single Gold Medals

3 Doubles Gold Medals

2 Doubles Silver Medals

2 Mixed Doubles Bronze Medals