To All League Bowlers:

Effective August 1, 2019, USBC rules now state that you may no longer clean your bowling ball during competition with a liquid or any other foreign substance (this includes rosin bags). The only time you may clean your bowling ball with a foreign substance like a cleaner is before or after competition. You may only use a dry towel/shammy to clean your ball during competition.

If your bowling ball comes back from the pinsetter and has grease, marks, or other substance that was left by the insetting equipment, please do not clean your bowling ball yourself. Take the affected ball to a league officer so that he/she can clean the affected area with a USBC approved cleaner.

Below are snippets from the USBC rule book for 2019-2020 which is also available on


If you have any questions about this rule change, please contact one of your league officers.


The Cecil Harford USBC Association mourns the passing of Mr. Gary Lehr. Gary services to the State Board started in 1975 as Director, 3rd-2nd and 1st Vice-President and was elected President of the Maryland State Bowling Association in 1987. Following his tenure as President, Gary was distinguished as an elected Life-Member and remains active in that capacity until the merger in 2005. Gary was elected to the State hall of fame in 2005. Gary also served the Cecil Harford Bowling Association his local bowling association with distinction; holding the offices of Secretary-Treasurer (1974 to 1978), Vice President (1978 to 1980 and 1982 to 1986). In 1986 he was elected a Life Member and remains an active member of the Board of Directors of CHCBA. Gary was elected into the Cecil Harford Hall of fame in 1994. There are no arrangements at this time.